Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll Volunteer ... I Guess.

So I've done it. I signed up for Barack Obama's online "community." I also agreed to volunteer for his campaign.

I'm volunteering to campaign for Barack because he's the most revolutionary John_F_Kennedy and Barack Obama Faces MORPHED - leader that we have seen in more than 40 years. He will deliver this great nation from the brink of destruction and lead us all to glory.

No. That's not it.

Actually, I'm campaigning for him to spite all of the racist pieces of shit that live in this country.

My mom has volunteered for Barack. She was working a poll in Missouri about 40 miles South of St. Louis. It was just a school board election, but the Obama Machine sent its minions out to drum up support. She said that about 75% of the people that she talked to expressed the sentiment: "I ain't votin' fer that dam' nigger Muslim."

So even though I am only somewhat enthused at the prospect of being presided over by Mr Obama, I'll campaign for him. If Americans care that much about having a male WASP as president, then this country needs something else. I personally think it would be best for America to be led by a member of its most oppressed minority: Atheists.

Atheism.  Because Babies are tasty.

I'll have to ditch my cynicism about the whole thing and actually pitch in to help out Barack.

Besides, John McCain John McCain making a funny face is a warmongering dumb ass.

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